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.s. families are left in limbo following a law signed in russia banning american families from adopting there. hear from a bay area family who says she isn't giving up hope. >>> good evening i'm ken wayne. >> and i'm maureen naylor. frank and julie are off tonight. we begin with breaking news out of marin county where two people in the last hour have been rescued from the water near the golden gate bridge. coast guard officials tell us they received a call that two people were struggling in the water in this area. rescue boats raced to the site and just about 30 minutes ago coast guard crews pulled two people from the water. there's no word on the victim's identity or their condition. >>> as law enforcement agencies get ready for beefed up dui patrols around the bay area. a lawmaker is proposing a new bill that toughness drunk driving laws. patti lee joins us with details on that plan. >> reporter: there will be multiple dui checkpoints including here in palo alto which will have a command center set up by 9:00 a.m. these are after a bill passed this afternoon will help stop repeat drunk driv
left it there. . >>> i have two videos not from the u.s. the first one is from russia. police car chase. icy roads. crazy. >> crazy and it's common. >> just another day in russia basically. but what we haven't seen on the show, really is a russian car chase. >> sure. >> this black car that they're chasing is according to the poster of the video, a taxicab that was driving erratically. >> at night. >> at night. visibility, not all that great. of course, what do we expect to happen? >> it can't end well if it's on this show. >> he pulls into this garage driveway it looks like, but then pulls out and gets away. police continue to chase after this driver and finally it crashes into those cars. open the door, they pull the driver out. it's crazy. later they found out this guy was operating as a taxi, but the taxi sign at the top, fake. >> did anybody think that driving erratically happened to be icy snowy roads. >> in russia. >> they can't help it. >> even to them that was erratic. this video is from korea. this driver is pulling into a very tiny, narrow road. no room for error. you'd think.
signed a bill to keep americans from adopting children from russia. it's in response to a -- that targets russians. children who are in the process of being adopted now cannot leave the country. the u.s. is the biggest destination for adopted children from russia. >>> general norman is being remembered as a straight talking commander. >> you are all better trained, better equipped, better led, believe it or not inspite of mre you are better fed. okay. but most of all, you are a hell of a lot tougher than they are. >> the 78-year-old general died yesterday in florida from complications from pneumonia. >>> time now 4:44. new york police are searching for the person who killed a man by pushing him on to the subway tracks. it happened last night. authorities say the man was shoved in front of a northbound train. police believe she was pushed by a woman in her 20s. witnesses say she fled the station after the incident. the man later died at the scene. he has not yet been identified. >>> two uc berkeley law students have been charged with animal cruelty. 24-year-old erik cuellar. and justin tei
for showing us this. >> you're welcome. >>> two insane dash cam videos from russia. the first one, the driver is listening to the cure's "close to me" and titled "second birthday." you're about to see why. >> whoa! >> oh, my goodness. >> no kidding. the driver, obviously, on a wet road. the semi truck swerves into his lane sending him in the direction of two oncoming semis. >> that's a scary sight when he goes over into oncoming traffic. you see the two trucks side by sidep. good thing he was in the car he was in. >> i like to think he's in a real skinny car. if he was in a big suv. >> forget it. >> he would have ran out of room. >> notice how the two oncoming trucks the red one swerved in the direction of the other truck which you can only imagine meant they two collided with each other right behind him. insane. if in this second video, honestly all i can say is holy beep. look closely at the road up ahead. >> whoa! is. >> where the heck was that guy going? he was shot out of a cannon. >> out of nowhere this other car obviously driving incredibly fast, comes in cuts him off and ends up slamm
. . >>> adoptions between american families and russian children could soon end. now that russia's president is expected to sign a bill into law by the end of the week. ktvu's mike mibach is live in the newsroom with the effect it's having on one young woman. >> reporter: that's right. it's like a political chess match with thousands of children in the middle. since 1992, more than 60,000 russian children have been adopted by u.s. families and here in the bay area the story hits home for one of those 60,000. a determined set of eyes. >> i just love clothes. >> reporter: a patient hand. >> i said it would be really cool if i could design them. >> reporter: 18-year-old julia rally has a dream and her life sketch he's a designer. >> they have a wonderful two- year program for fashion. >> reporter: in 2001, julia was an orphan in russia. >> she was so small, i could carry her through the airport myself on my hip. >> people in the orphanage who get kicked out at 15 and 16ened you're basically -- and you're basically on the streets and you're trying to make as much money as you can but it's ve
ebaum's world. >> time for real or fake videos, again. we're going to begin with this is russia. >> the emergency vehicle just kept going? >> i'm going fake on this one, because the ambulance doesn't even slow down. >> i say fake too. >> what, no -- >> i think you're right, i think it's fake. the siren is so loud, why doesn't the guy hear the siren. >> i'm going with real. >> it's a tie. >> let's see what happens with this video, this is a serious video, i understand, real ghosts caught on video. unfortunately this video is of a fatal accident. >> i don't even need to see the video on this one to see it's fake. it's a reflection or somebody walking by the car, it's not a dpoes, c ghost, can we at least say that. >> i think that's behind a windshield, and that's just somebody walking by. >> i would not be surprised if it was a goes, but i don't think this one was. >> i don't want to believe it's real. who takes the scene of a fatal crash, and doctors it up like this. >> it's just interpretation. they're not necessarily faking it, people just interpret it as a ghost. >> it's not p
the country's chemical weapons into one or two locations. >>> according to russia's foreign minister, weapons had been scattered around the country. u.s. has expressed fears the government might use the weapons. >>> in the vatican city pope benedict granted his former butler a pardon today. he was arrested in may after vatican police found what they called an enormous stash of private papal documents in his apartment. he gave the documents to a journalist because he thought exposing quote the evil and corruption in the vatican would put the church back on the right track. he was released just two months into his 18-month sentence. >> three people are facing murder charges in connection with a deadly home explosion in indiana last month. the blast happened in indianapolis on november 19th. the explosion and fire killed two people and damaged more than 30 homes can had to be demolished. investigators believe the homeowners blew up the home in hopes of collecting some $300,000 in insurance. prosecutors say they filled the house with gas. >> it would require six to nine hours for the house to fil
will meet today with sir yearia -- syria. the u.s. and russia had been on opposite sides of the conflict of syria with russia expressing support. but today's meeting suggestions a possible compromise. this comes as fox news is reporting that the syrian military has moved to mix deadly chemical weapons. they will not confirm whether they have the weapons, only saying that they would never use those weapons against their own people. >>> president obama and john boehner will talking on the phone about the fiscal cliff. still, there's no real progress. this all comes as another republican says he's willing to break ranks regarding this. tom coburn said that he -- some are looking for a way to save grace as they move in. >>> allison turns reports, hundreds of thousands of california jobs could be lost. alison? >> reporter: and dave, the defense industry projects about 135,000 jobs would be lost in california over the next few years if those tax increases and massive spending cuts kick in at the end of this month. if there's no deal on those, the pentagon was initially told not to plan for the
're holding things up right now. we're seeing that bringing gold up. also, we are seeing russia, iraq, and a few of the others coming in and purchasing more gold. india also. they are starting to step up their purchases of it. so we are going to continue to see gold slowly coming up, plus the flight to safety right now. with all the other currencies in such a conundrum right now, we are seeing gold and silver, everybody is starting to slowly feed into that. now if we look at the currencies, we see the dollar for whatever reason is coming back up. it looks like it wants to stay above this 80 range right now. flight to safety on the u.s. dollar. japan right now, we just had the election there. we are seeing what they are doing over there. they are devaluating the yen. the reason for that is they need to export. the yen is too strongly priced. their exports aren't going out. so they are doing a good job with that. also we are seeing the british pound - there's not a lot of comfort zone in there right now - we are seeing it come off of the $1.62 range. we are looking at the euro. the euro
helped. they are both doing fine. >>> russia's president could soon decide in americans should be banned from adopting russian children. the upper chamber of their government voted in favor of such a ban. the activists say it deprives children of the chance to leave orphanages they protested the ban is a response to a united states law calling for sanctions against those found to have violated human rights. >>> what mood we are finding on wall street. more encouraging news related to the housing market. q . >>>dow down, weakness on the retail sector and worries over the fiscal cliff keeping low. s and p and nasdaq also in the red. >>> today's price report shows average home prices up more than 4% in the 20 largest markets, prices here in the san francisco bay area are up even more. prices jumped 8.9% in october compared to the same time the year before. they increased .7% froms. that bucked the national trend where values dipped compared to september. >>> today on the news at five the latest on that body found in santa rosa, also the weather remaining an issue for parts of the bay area t
others. >> russia's president could soon decide if americans should be ban from adopting russian children. the government voted in favor of such a ban. russian activists say it deprives children of the chance to leave orphanages. it's a response to a united states law calling for sanctions against russia. >>> today marks the 8th anniversary of the quake and tsunami. survivors held prayer services. the un called it the worst natural disaster to hit thailand. tsunami's went through 14 countries. 200,000 people died. >> we are back on storm watch this day after christmas. mark is tracking a fast moving storm that has produced plenty of rain. >> and we check the return polesis of major stores. what you need to know before you return that unwanted gift. >> here is a look at bridge. you can see it's wet. we will let you know where we had spin outs this morning coming up next. . >>> this is known as boxes day in places like canada. it's become a huge shopping day similar to black friday here in the united states. the malls in england and canada are already packed with shoppers. box i
looking quite different. >> he looks just like a shell of a person. >>> to russia! >> yay. >> where you never know what's going to jump in front of your path. the first video i've got for you, a very busy roadway. there's a busy road to your right, traffic back and forth. the car looks like he's trying to get around the traffic, but look out. this whole thing is confusing. i have no idea which way to go, who's going which way, it's all a mess. >> look again and that big, white delivery truck seems to be going a little too fast towards the car we're riding in. he loses control a little bit, swerves, clips one car and crashed into two trucks parked. but go over to an even crazier what was that. dash cam at night. maybe a little snow off to the side but the roads appear to be clear. but brake lights up ahead. careful, what is that? what is that? bam! is that a horse? that's a horse completely out of control, scared, running down the road. watch it again and it looks like the horse had some sort of carriage-towing equipment still attached to it. you know those rods that attach to the carria
but it will chill it. unless you're in negative 36.4 degrees fahrenheit in russia. it's so cold the vodka is slush. >> it's like a vodka margarita. >> yeah. >> his face is slush. it's true. >> his face is slush. >> look at the ice on his eyelashes, his facial hair. >> why would you want that? if it's that cold, why isn't this i go pouring himself a hot cup of coffee? >> they probably like vodka. it warms you up, apparently it's not true. alcohol will not warm you up on a cold day. >> but it will make you forget you're that cold. >> i can't tell if it's a good thing or a bad thing from his expression. that must be awful vodka. that's all he does. >> i found a great way to save you guys money on christmas carols. >> are you tired of paying top dollar for those fancy christmas carols? are you sick of giving your hard-money to mary nick cannon? come down to frank's christmas carol emporium. we have close approximations for all your favorite holiday songs. >> i think they have to legally say that. that's a legal requirement. >> frosty the ice man. jazz around the x-mass bush. jingle hats away. here at
. >> dash cam video we think from russia. look what this guy catches on his dash cam. >> whoa! it is like a tunnel of birds and they all fly away just as his carer passes through. >> these birds warning this driver don't go where we just came from, buddy. there is something bad back there. >> we found yummy grass sd and there is a car. we are going to get out of the way. hello car. >> these guys were trying to give the driver a really cool show. >> what happened to this guy when he got to the end of that long boring road? or whoever found his dash cam was able to upload the video. >>> i impressed you with this wonderful nature video. i think i will impress you with this second video shot in canada. and it is negative 40 degrees outside. >> this is what happens when you throw rapidly boiling water into minus 40 degree temperature. >> no. >> it became snow. the science behind this is when you have rapidly boiling water when you toss it into the air it breaks into droplets and cold air is dense so there is not enough room for the water vapor so it crystallizes. if you were a kid tell me you
to buildings in damascus suburbs. the obama administration is hoping that russia will goin the international community in forming a coalition against syria's president. >> we want to work with russia as we've said many times on the bases of the gene eva action group's c miewn kay. >> nato's secretary-general also echoed warnings by president obama against the use of chemical weapons by the syrian government. the president and secretary of state hillary clinton said that would be crossing a red line. >>> the federal government calls it secure communities. now a program aimed at illegal immigrants is coming under fire. the u.s. mandate that california's attorney general wants to ignore. >> it's only day two but royal baby watch is in full swing in london. when kate is expected to come home from the hospital and the welcome visit she received today. >>> our ipad app is ready to download. you can watch awful our newscasts live, plus traffic, weather and video of breaking news anytime, anywhere. >>> the state attorney general issued a bulletin to all law enforcement agencies today telling them th
in the new year on your smart phone. >> u.s. families are left in limbo following a law signed in russia banning americans from adopting there. hear from a bay area woman who says she isn't giving up hope. >>> the new year also means new cyber threats and now tech security specialists predict hackers could be picking your pockets. new at 10:00, matt keller tells us what to beware of in 2013. >> reporter: this is the new hacking list and for the new year, experts say you need to be careful of your mobile phones. >> we have so excited about making them easy to connect to each other and easy to get on the web and easy to do all other stuff but we also made them easy to attack and easy to take over and easy to bot, turn into zombies. >> reporter: many focus on your mobile phone. researchers forsee hackers installing trojan horse. and those could allow hackers available to worm allowing them into your money. many of the security problems you face on your desktop or laptop are going mobile like ransome ware, malware that could take over your phone without you knowing them. >> hey i found this
likely to be taken over by the state, and may lose federal funding. >>> russia's president is expected to sign into law a bill that bans american families from adopting russian orphans. the dire reality for those who don't find a home. >> reporter: a determined set of eyes. >> i just love clothes. >> reporter: a patient hand. 18-year-old julie rally has a dream. in her life sketch, she is a fashion designer. >> a thing about going to konyata college. they have a wonderful two year program for fashion. >> reporter: in 2001, julia was an orphan in russia. >> she was so small at that time, i could carry her through the airport myself on my hip. >> people in the orphanage would get kicked out at 15 and 16, and you're basically on the streets. no good, and you're trying to make as much money as you can, but it's very little. most of the children end up being poor. >> reporter: today, protesters in moscow were arrested after russian parliaments upper house voted unanimously to ban americans from adopting russian children. it was seen as a retaliation for a sank against russian's human rights
the new chain. burger king has similar joint ventures in russia, brazil, south africa and china. >> more than 14,000 dock workers on the east coast and the gulf are threatening to go on strike on sunday. brian takes a look at the impact it could have on the economy. >> they move everything from our clothes to toys and electronics through the ports and into the marketplace but a lot of the goods won't be making it to our stores in longshoreman at more than a dozen ports from main to texas go on strike. that's what could happen by sunday if a deal can't be reached between the major shipping companies and a union representing nearly 15,000 longshoremen. >> the impact would be great. obviously on the dollar value side. on the cargo handling side but also on the job side because again these sports are major economic generators. >> richard of the maryland port administrator and others say the economic damage from a strike would reach well beyond the docks. >> your mom and pop retailer to your farmer to the trucking company that has to pick up the container atmosphere the port. so not just at t
of russia. >>> the stars were out for kennedy honors. president barack obama congratulated the people. among the hopbrys, david letterman, -- the honorees david letterman. >> on a personal note i will never forget, buddy, playing "skeet home chicago" in this -- "sweet home chicago" in this room and a few others forcing me to sing along can which was just okay. he joked with the led zeppelin members saying he appreciated them not trashing the rooms at the white house. >>> our storm watch coverage continues. the effects felt throughout the south bay. >> one bay area driver, he earns a tough lesson. what he was trying to avoid when he drove right into this mess. >> a reminder to get ktvu news to go on your smart phone. catch all of our newscasts live. be connected any time, anywhere [ male announcer ] this december, remember -- ♪ you can stay in and like something... ♪ [ car alarm deactivates ] ♪ ...or you can get out there with your family and actually like something. ♪ the lexus december to remember sales event is on, offering some of our best values of the year. this is the pursuit o
. this is the pursuit of perfection. . >>> one of its growth areas is home construction in russia. they are visiting the nasdaq this morning and futures look like a lower opening this morning and lists say they will test that 13,000 level for quite a while maybe. >>> well, we will say good morning to you, welcome to ktvu channel 2 morning news, it is thursday december 4th, i am dave clark. >> and i am pam cook. police in san jose came across something else, a marijuana grow house. jeanine della vega came across what police found inside. >> reporter: they put everything they collected inside this home into evidence. now we allowed to go inside the house and saw hundreds of harvested marijuana plants in every room. initial little they responded to a burglary call here. a neighbor reported seeing people loading property into several cars and when officers arrived they found the front door opened and 300 marijuana plants harvested and found jugs of chemicals and they were overcome with fumes. they determined those jugs of chemicals were fertilizer. the entire home was being used as agree house. >> this
as it faces difficulties including u.s., russia and brazil. >>> the head box is launching a new service and it's considered a direct competitor to net flicks streaming video service. the service will not include television shows or video game disk rentals and for $8 a month, they will get 8 streaming movies and 4 dvd rentals. >>> time now 6:21, he may be the most reveered person on twitter and what the pope is promising to some of his followers this morning. >>> and what is happening along the coast tomorrow. the research you can help with while tracking the king tide. [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow, you guys have it easy. i wish i had u-verse when i was your age. in my day, we didn't have these fancy wireless receivers. blah blah blah. if i had a sleepover, i couldn't just move the tv into the playroom. no. we had to watch movies in the den because that's where the tv outlet was. and if dad was snoring on the couch, we muscled through it. is she for real? your generation has it made. [ male announcer ] the wireless receiver only from at&t u-verse. get u-verse tv for $29 a month for six months. ret
of several bollings in the hospital. russia said president ashad may not be able the to defeat the weather. >>> and in london, a coroner reported that the nurse caught in the prank about the royal pregnancy had committed suicide by hanging. nurse jacintah saldahna apparently left a note behind. >>> city leaders announced a peace at home campaign just in time for the holidays when domestic violence tends to rise. george gascon says there's been a sharp rise in domestic violence cases. he says they've almost toweled in the past few years. >> no social boundaries. it impacts all of us. >> reporter: the campaign is being supported by shelters for women and will feature buses on munni buses. >>> the x factor judge calls it quits. >>> plus parts of southern california inundated. the rare combination of events that brought this flooding today. >> chilly weather here tonight. bill martin is tracking how long that will last and the best chance for rain. >> and a reminder that you can get ktvu knew the to go. click the live icon and watch all of our newscasts live. have a good night. here you go. yo
and stuffed animals outside the american embassy. the prime minister formally sent condolences and said russia's thoughts are with the victims' loved ones. >> in rio de janeiro set a memorial. >> british prime minister offered condolences to the parents, saying, quote: it's heartbreaking to think of those who had their children robbed of them at such a young age when they had so much life ahead of them. people gathered in golden gate park to reflect on the tragedy. some people lit candles. others wrote notes to the victims' families while others simply cried. our coverage covers throughout the newscast. coming up at 10:30 we'll have a live report from newtown, connecticut. >>> we have developing news tonight in san francisco where a standoff is now underway with a man and possibly a hostage. that has led to the evacuation of a residential building where the man is hold up. jade hernandez is live at california and larkin with late details. jade? >> ken, police say a man who's threatening he has a weapon is refusing to come outside his apartment. traffic is being diverted from california to lark
by dry weather fort afternoon. >> new this morning a passenger airliner crashed in russia. we want to show you the first pictures the crash site. a twin engine jet over shot the runway. it broke apart and caught fire. so far two people have died. there are conflicting reports at this hour on the number of injuries, they range from six to ten. that plane belonged to a russian airline called red wings. we will bring you new information throughout the morning. >> india authorities charged six men with murdering a woman they say what gang raped and and beat on a bus. dozens of people outraged over the attack are holding daily protests. they want greater protection against violence toward women. the woman had massive internal injuries. she was airlifted to a hospital but died yesterday nearly two weeks after the attack. >> i can only assure the family that the government will take whatever steps are needed to ensure that the killers get the hardest punishment. >> and if convicted the six face the death penalty. >> a lawyer is asking for permission to sue the state of connecticut ove
, russia and u.s. released a statement saying, "the situation in syria was bad and getting worse. >> reporter: u.s. special forces are working with jordanain force on plans to secure assad chemical weapons. >> the white house has made it very clear there will be consequences, there will be consequences if the azad regime makes a terrible mistake by using chemical weapons on their open people. >> gunbattles between opponents and supporters of the president bashar assad left 40 dead. >>> a plane has been found believed to be carrying mexican- american sing star jenni rivera. rivera was born in long beach and known for her music as well as the tv reality show called "i love jenni." she was among sich people on board the plane flying from monterrey, mexico, when traffic controllers lost contact. authorities say there were no survivors in the wreck, but haven't positively id'd those victims. >>> in other news of the world in venezuela, president hugo chavez named a designated successor as he heads back to cuba for more cancer treatment. chavez said his vice president nicolas maduro
. >>> in russia, a volcano has erupted. it's become a popular tourist attraction. the lava and ash are flowing from the volcano's sides. >> san francisco's car hailing app company won a victory against the new york taxi industry. they announced an agreement with a one year pilot program that allows passenger and drivers to connect with the app. the app has its own pricing structure. >> think your teenager doesn't use marijuana? the staggering results of a new survey. plus. >> we lose this building. we'll lose the neighborhood. >> helping at risk youth, but for how much longer? >> our chief meteorologist bill martin tracking the return of rain. he's back with what to expect and when, in a moment. have a good night. here you go. you, too. i'm going to dream about that steak. i'm going to dream about that tiramisu. what a night, huh? but, um, can the test drive be over now? head back to the dealership? [ male announcer ] it's practically yours. but we still need your signature. volkswagen sign then drive is back. and it's never been easier to get a passat. that's the power of german engineering.
trying to adopt from russia. it's official. hear from one woman who says she is not giving up her fight of bringing a little russian girl to the bay area.
of the conference in due by. this group is worried that russia, china and other middle eastern countries will be pushing for tighter web restrictions. >>> nasa is expected to give an update on the mission to mars later today. this will be happening in san francisco at the annual fall meeting at the annual geo goes physical meeting -- geophysical meeting. they will be given the mars rover update. >>> nine minutes before 8:00, a new multi-million dollar sports complex could be coming to san rafael. more on deet is -- more on the decision the city council faces tonight. >>> and also the mayor of detroit is in san francisco. he's settling a bet. what he will be doing today more than a months after the giants win the world series. (car horn) paying with your smartphone instead of cash... (phone rings) that's a step forward. with chase quickpay, you can send money directly to anyone's checking account. i guess he's a kicker... again, again! oh, no you don't! take a step forward and chase what matters. >>> the fate of a multi-million dollar soccer complex in san rafael may be decide. after seve
. also this morning for the first time russia which is syria's most important ally said the syria president is increasingly losing control and the opposition may eventually win the civil war. >> there is an urgent demand from business executives from the federal reserve chairman to reach a deal to avoid the fiscal cliff. taxpayers are fed up with the delay. >> reporter: while democrats and republicans on capitol hill are digging in their heels, taxpayers say its time to compromise. take a look at this nbc wall street poll. 68% of democrats and 66% of republicans say its time to meet in the middle when it comes to spending cuts and taxing the wealthy and more than half of independent voters feel the same way. also federal reserve chairman demands a deal. he said the longer the president and congress take the less employers will hire in the coming weeks. nancy pelosi is talking to the media regarding the fiscal cliff. we will see if the democrats tone has changed when i see you next. live in washington. ktvu news channel 26789. >> the google chairman said he is proud of the compan
. >>> faulty brakes may have caused the deadly plane crash in russia. the jet was returning from the czech republic. four people died at the scene. and now a fifth person a flight attendant has died at the hospital. investigators have been examing the plane's black boxes. >>> a man, wife, and daughter were all kaled when their plane crashed yesterday. the faa says the four seat plane left montgomery field and headed for phoenix. >>> city of stockton bankruptcy case could soon be resolved. judge has yet to approve it. for the past several months city tores have been trying to prove in court that stockton is indeed bankrupt. the judge is expected to decide on that early next year. >>> transhas a plan to become -- france has a plan to become more energy efficient in the new year. they want to turn off the rights outside public businesses and offices at night. >>> a zoo in england had a huge baby zoom this year. chester zoo welcomed several babies in 2012. many which are endangered spy shes. the most recent arrival is this baby elephant which was born on november 25th. other arrivals included
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